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Halloween And Break-ins

Halloween is often associated with the arrival of autumn, bringing with it a time for carvings and exciting haunted houses. However in the midst of all the Halloween fun it’s important to keep in mind that this season also brings safety risks to our homes. Having a lot of people walking around your property can make your home more susceptible to accidents, vandalism or break-ins. To have a safe Halloween and to avoid any worries, just follow our safety tips for Halloween!

Keep your walkway and driveway well-lit and easy to navigate

Creating authentic Halloween ambiance in your house walkway and yard may seem tempting, but it can pose potential risks to children. It’s crucial to ensure that your yard and doorway are well lit. Children often stray from the sidewalk so make sure that plants, bikes, or perhaps decorations and other potential invisible hazards are kept away from these areas.

Similarly an unlit front yard could attract individuals or even burglars who might cause damage or steal from your home. By maintaining lighting in your front yard you discourage mischief makers from feeling comfortable enough to vandalize your property. Research has indicated that lit homes have less chances of experiencing break-ins.

Burglars may attempt to exploit the surroundings near your residence such as the volume of individuals passing by in order to target vehicles or garages for theft. To deter car break-ins it is advisable to ensure that your car doors are securely locked and park your vehicle in an enclosed garage. Additionally parking your car away, from areas can help minimize the likelihood of it getting scratched or dented by children.

Don’t Make It Obvious That Your Home Is Unattended

During the Halloween festivities while spending time with loved ones or joining in the neighborhood celebrations, it’s important to take steps to prevent your home from appearing unattended. This could potentially attract thieves who are looking for opportunities. A simple way to create the impression that someone’s home is by leaving your lights on along with a well lit candy bowl and a friendly sign asking to take only one piece. This helps deter thieves or pranksters while adding to the Halloween spirit. Additionally if you’re planning on being away from home, it might be an idea to ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your property. Make sure that all entry points such as your front door, back door, garage door and side entrances are securely locked. Taking this precaution not only ensures the safety of your Halloween visitors hole they’re visiting your property but also discourages burglars from targeting your house.

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