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Most Common Door Lock Problems

As homeowners our top priority is always the safety of our loved ones and belongings. However we often overlook the importance of door lock maintenance until something goes wrong. Taking an initiated approach to regularly maintain your door locks can help you avoid being locked out and unexpected expenses for repairs in the future. Lets dive into some problems you might encounter with your door locks that may need your attention.

The Key is Stuck or Broken Inside The Lock

Have you ever encountered the situation of dealing with a key that refuses to turn? This could happen because the door latch is not properly aligned or the lock components lack of lubrication. In moments of urgency it may be tempting to apply force, but that’s exactly what you need to avoid, because actually it can aggravate the problem or even result in with a broken key stuck inside the lock.

Slow Door Locks

If you happen to observe that the lock on your door is starting to feel stiff or if it becomes difficult to insert your key, it could be due to the build up of dirt or grime. One way you can tackle this yourself is by using a cotton swab to clean the lock. Additionally remember that it’s important for your lock to have lubrication. Consider using graphite or silicone spray of oil or grease.

Misaligned Door Latch

Having a door latch that is not properly aligned can create difficulties when attempting to shut or lock the door. This problem may arise from hinges being installed or screwed incorrectly. The key to resolving this issue involves identifying the cause and utilizing tools to adjust the strike plates and tighten the door hinges. In case you find yourself unsure about tackling this task on your own, it is always advisable to seek assistance from a certified locksmith.

The Key Turns But Doesn’t Lock

If you find that the key can be turned in the lock without needing to push the knobs it could mean that there are some parts within the lock that have worn out or fallen. To address this problem it might be necessary to seek professional assistance from someone who has an understanding of door mechanisms. On the other hand if the key seems to be stuck and won’t turn in the lock you can try applying graphite spray to lubricate the keyhole.

Faulty Door Mechanism

A lot of issues with doors are related to their components. They can become faulty over time due to regular use. When locks get older they tend to cause more problems because of wear and tear. It’s important to regularly maintain them to avoid any defects.

If you’re dealing with ongoing problems with your door locks, it’s best to reach out to professionals who have expertise in this area.

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