24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Jacksonville

How long does it usually take your techs to arrive?

Our average response time is 30 minutes from the moment we receive the phone call from a customer.

Jax Door & Lock has mobile locksmith in jacksonville metro area, so it doesn’t matter where you need us to arrive to.

Our nearest technician is always somewhere very close to you, just call us!

Is a lock rekey as effective in terms of security as a lock replacement?

Yes, it is! The result of both the lock rekeying and lock replacement processes is that the lock that is installed in your door won’t respond to the key that you or any of your family members lost.

Rekeying locks is easier and cheaper than installing brand new ones, so unless your old lock is broken – just rekey it!


Can your car unlock service damage my vehicle?

No, our car unlock service is absolutely damage-free!

Our automotive locksmiths use the most advanced equipment. We don’t use any iron rulers, coat hangers or other sharp objects that unlock the car doors through use of power.

Our car unlock methods are the most efficient, so rest assured that your car will be unlocked fast.


Do you also service the residents of other towns around Jacksonville?

Yes, we do.

Our technicians are available in every corner of Jacksonville, so if our service is needed in another city – our nearest technician will be able to come over within 30 minutes of your call as well.

Just contact us and let us know where you need our service to be provided!


I’m not sure if my key is a VATS or Transponder key…

It’s really easy to find out, because the Transponder chip is covered by the plastic head of the key, while the VATS key has an electric resistor that can be seen on the key blade.

Either way – our auto locksmiths can make both of these types of keys, for any make and model car.

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